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The Polish alphabet
Pronunciation tips
The verb ‘to be’
Where are you from? Where do you live?
To have, to live & to love
How old are you?
The nominative case
Likes and preferences
The instrumental case
Expressing opinions
The accusative case
Forming questions
Going shopping
The genitive case
Verbs of motion
Telling the time
The locative case
Comparatives and superlatives
The past tense
Modal verbs

Grammar Reference

The Seven Polish Cases
Verbs in the Present Tense

Vocabulary Reference

Office and Classroom | Quiz
Fruit and Vegetables | Quiz
Clothing | Quiz
Around the House | Quiz
Jobs and Professions | Quiz
Transport | Quiz
Describing People | Quiz
Body Parts | Quiz
Food | Quiz
Sport | Quiz
Family | Quiz


Learning Polish

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How to type Polish Letters
Learning Polish with bilingual books
iPhone apps for learning Polish
Polish Tongue Twisters
Polish Animation & Experimental Film
Learn Polish with Poetry

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