Bardzo mi miło: Polish Introductions



In our last Language post, we learned how to greet people in Polish. The obvious next step is to ask people their name, and find out how they are doing.

Let’s look at a basic (and slightly forced!) introduction and translate it into Polish:

A Hello. My name is Piotr. What is your name?
B My name is Agata.
A Nice to meet you.

This introduction, like much of everyday Polish, will sound very different depending whether it is in a formal or informal context. Note the use of pan/pani, which are often used in formal language and correspond roughly to Mr/Ms.

Formal Informal
A Dzień dobry. Mam na imię Piotr. Jak ma pan/pani na imię? Cześć. Jestem Piotr. Jak masz na imię?
B Mam na imię Agata. Jestem Agata.
A Miło cię poznać. Bardzo mi miło.

And now, assuming that introductions are over:

A Hello. How are you?
B I'm very well. And you?

Formal Informal
A Dzień dobry. Jak się pan/pani ma? Cześć. Jak się masz? OR Cześć. Co słychać?
B Bardzo dobrze. A pan/pani? Bardzo dobrze. A u Ciebie?

Other options for answering “how are you?” (if you’re not ‘very well’) include:
10/10 – świetnie
7/10 – dobrze
5/10 – tak sobie
2/10 – źle
0/10 – fatalnie

or perhaps, nic nowego (nothing new) or wszystko w porządku (everything is fine)!

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