Say Hello: Polish Greetings

Continuing with the basics after our last post on the Polish alphabet, here’s a few ways to say hello!

The Polish greeting that’s always used between strangers and when you want to be polite is: dzień (day) dobry (good).

Listen to dzień dobry

This is the best way to say hello in the morning and during the day. In the evening you might want to opt for dobry (good) wiezcór (evening). Dobry wiezcór has the more common word order of adjective + noun, with dzień dobry being an unusual exception (know why? – comment!).

Listen to dobry wiezcór

And on leaving each other at night, or going to bed, there’s dobranoc

Informally, and between friends, you can use cześć to mean both ‘hi’, and ‘bye’.

To complete the set, the more formal ‘goodbye’ is do widzenia.

Until the next post – do zobaczenia (see you later!).

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