Expressing Opinions

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In this post we’ll be looking at ways of expressing opinions and describing people, whilst consolidating our knowledge of the nominative and instrumental cases.

Useful Phrases for Expressing Opinions


myślę, że I think that
to prawda, ale that's true, but
moim zdaniem in my opinion
zgadzam się I agree
zgadzasz się? do you agree?
co o tym myślisz? what do you think?
nie zgadzam się I disagree
z jednej strony on the one hand
z drugiej strony on the other hand

There are two main things here that might trip you up: the first being that the commas you see above are important, but easy to forget as they don’t feature in the English translation. The second is that moim zdaniem does not mean ‘my opinion’, but ‘in my opinion‘, and is therefore immediately followed by your comment.

Opinions on People

We already know a couple of ways of answering the question jaki on jest / jaka ona jest? (what is he/she like?).
To help, our describing people vocabulary also provides some useful adjectives.

You could give a description using the adjective only, and therefore the nominative case:

On jest gruby – he is fat

Or using both an adjective and a noun, and therefore the instrumental case:

Ona jest zajetą kobietą – she is a busy woman

Now try testing yourself on the above!


That’s all for now. Feel free to add your questions/comments below!

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