Likes and Preferences – Polish Class 2 Verbs

We’ve already seen how to conjugate Class 3 verbs such as mieć, mieszkać and kochać in the present tense.

Lubić (to like) and woleć (to prefer) are class 2 verbs, and this is how to conjugate verbs in this class in the present tense:

Polish Class 2 Verbs - Present Tense

These verbs can be used to form simple sentences to talk about things we like to do and things we prefer.

Co lubisz robić?

You can answer the question above (what do you like to do?) by following lubię (I like) with the infinitives below:

spiewać to sing chodzić do kina to go to the cinema
czytać to read chodzić do teatru to go to the theatre
pływać to swim grać na gitarze to play guitar
tańczyć to dance grać w piłkę nożną to play football
biegać to run grać w tenisa to play tennis
uprawiać sport to practise sport słuchać muzyki to listen to music
oglądać telewizję to watch television robić zdjęcia to take photos

Such sentences can also be negated with nie:

Lubię pływać I like to swim
Nie lubię pływać I don't like to swim

Of course, if you can conjugate the verb then you know how to talk about others as well as yourself:

Lubimy pływać We like to swim
Lubisz grać w tenisa You like to play tennis
John lubi biegać John likes to run
Oni lubią tańczyć They like to dance
Lubicie czytać You (pl.) like to read


Co wolisz?

Woleć is another class 2 verb that you can use to talk about your preferences. Wolę (I prefer) can be followed by an infinitive just like lubię, and you can also use niż to compare two things:

Wolę czytać I prefer to read
On woli tańczyć He prefers to dance
Wolę czytać niż oglądać telewizję I prefer reading to watching television

In all of the above examples, we have followed woleć and lubić with verbs. If we want to talk about things (nouns) that we like or prefer, then those nouns have to be in the accusative case, and we’ll cover that in a later post!

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